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Apart from gambling and sports betting, one of 1win Pakistan’s services is tracking users and monitoring their activities on the site and in the 1Win mobile app. The sportsbook tries to constantly update the collection with the best and highest quality new games, but, for some users, this may become a problem. Unfortunately, not all players know how to control the situation with their gambling.

To ensure that players remain conscientious, 1win management has developed a responsible gaming policy. It describes the main consequences of the negative influence of gambling, offers useful tools, and gives recommendations to players. The company believes that informing Pakistani players is one of the most crucial areas in the fight against gambling addiction. To ensure that the tools and recommendations used are truly valuable, the company relies on international experience.

About Responsible Gaming on the 1Win website

How to maintain control?

Some users can utilize online casino services for many years and not experience any problems. However, for another part of the players, this can become a serious threat to mental and physical health. Players should make an effort to remain conscious and remember the following points:

  • Gambling is just a way of entertainment and relaxation;
  • Gambling is not a way to earn money or an additional source of income;
  • After a loss, there is no need to immediately try to win back;
  • You should always be aware of how much time and money you spend on the site and in the app;
  • The online casino of 1win uses a random number generator, so your results are always random and can not be influenced;
  • You must have a sincere desire to start the game;
  • To play successfully, you must always know the rules.
Player self-control when playing on 1Win

Preventive measures

Research shows that some people may not realize they have a gambling addiction. Therefore, 1win Pakistan invites players to answer a few questions that will help them better understand their state of mind:

  • Are you increasing your bet amounts each time?
  • Have you tried to take control of the game but failed?
  • Do you borrow money from relatives or friends for gambling?
  • Has your reputation been ruined by your addiction to betting?
  • Are you very upset if you lose?
  • Do you often try to win back after a loss?

If you answered yes to at least one question, you should seek help.

How to identify dependency for 1Win users


It is possible to control the game if you follow some recommendations:

  • Determine the time you will spend in the online casino. When it expires, leave the site;
  • Set in advance the amount you are willing to lose. Once you reach this cap, don’t spend any more money;
  • Set your deposit limit through your account settings;
  • Find a hobby and spend more time on it than gambling;
  • Never visit the site or app if you are in a bad mood or under the influence of alcohol;
  • Give enough time to your family, friends, and work responsibilities.
Fair Play Tips on the 1Win site

Temporary blocking

If the negative impact of gambling is particularly felt, then users may temporarily close their accounts. This is available through contacting customer support of 1win Pakistan.

Employees will offer the Pakistani player a self-exclusion function, which is available for up to 1 year. During this period the user will not be able to make a deposit or play. If the player wants to delete the account permanently, this request will be fulfilled without the possibility of restoring the profile.

About personal account blocking on 1Win - what to do