1win Quick Games Online in Pakistan

Online casino 1win has one of the most extensive collections of quick games in Pakistan, which already includes more than 200 games. If you don’t have enough free time but want to feel the excitement of gambling, then you have come to the right place.

Try yourself as an astronaut in Spaceman or a pilot in the exciting Aviator. All games are working using a Random Number Generator or Provably Fair, which guarantees fairness. Don’t wait any longer, start playing 1win quick games now.

Fast Games at 1Win Pakistan Casino

Play Crash Games

1win crash games are located in the Quick Games tab located in the header, but there are perhaps the best 5. Thanks to their interesting stories and gameplay, the games have received wide recognition in Pakistan, which gives them the right to be considered the most popular. Find out more about them using the list below:

  • Aviator – An exciting game where you need to place a bet before the plane takes off and withdraw money until it flies away;
  • Mines – A game where you need to open tiles in search of stars. However, you also shouldn’t fall for mines, because if you find them, then all winnings will be annulled;
  • Spaceman – Help a little astronaut reach space, place a bet, and cash out before the flight is over;
  • Balloon – Place a bet and manage to withdraw money before the ball bursts. This game from Smartsoft is famous for simplicity and clarity;
  • Plinko – Release the ball and watch how the pegs change the trajectory, thereby directing it to different cells with a winning coefficient.

It is worth noting that all of these games are compatible with smartphones. This means that you can install the 1win mobile app and play your favorite games from any convenient location in Pakistan.

Crash game at 1Win online casino

1win Mines instant games

1win Mines is a game that has long won the hearts of players from Pakistan. Explore the field in search of stars, look for them under closed tiles, but be careful, because some of them may have mines under them. Each of the stars will increase your winnings. If it so happens that you hit a mine, then the bet is lost. Mines has a Random Number Generator that guarantees fair gameplay.

The casino has more than 15 interpretations of this instant game, which will give Pakistanis the opportunity to find the one they like the most.

Mines games for 1Win players

Play Plinko in Pakistan

Users from Pakistan can try their luck by playing Plinko on 1win Pakistan. This is a quick game in which you need to discard a ball from the top of the field. The goal of the game is to get the ball into the cell with the highest possible value, as this value will be multiplied by your bet and make up your winnings. The trajectory of the ball is determined by the pegs against which it hits, thereby changing the direction.

There is also the RNG which is an integrated program code that means that players can only rely on luck, as it is impossible to predict which cell the ball will hit. You can find more than 15 Plinko game options on the casino website, among which there are some non-standard variations like Plinko UFO and Prospector’s Plinko.

Plinko for Pakistan 1Win players

1win Dice games online

The game of dice was invented many years ago, but even now it is still played by millions of players. It doesn’t matter which version you play, because the rules are not very different. For example, you have to specify a range of points. And if this sum of the values of thrown 1win dice is equal or over it, then you win.

If you go deeper into the rules, it is worth noting that the larger the range, the smaller the multiplier of victory. And of course, if the range is small, you are taking a risk, but the multiplier is higher. As a rule, the games use from 2 to 6 dice, but there are versions with a large number of them. The site provides more than 15 different interpretations of the game from well-known providers, for instance:

  • Asgardians Dice;
  • Miami Dice;
  • Lucky Dice Cloverland;
  • Easter Dice.
Play Online Dice at 1Win

1win Original games

1win also creates quick games itself. Each game has a unique design and intuitive interface so that every player can start playing with ease. Find out more about each game below:

  • 1win JetX – An exciting game where you have to launch a shuttle into space. Place your bet and the jet will take off. Now the goal is to manage to withdraw before it explodes, or you’ll lose. The winning amount is equal to the bet multiplied by the odds;
  • 1win Plinko – Drop the ball from the top of the table and watch how it hits the obstacles, which changes the trajectory. Once it lands in a cell, your winnings will depend on the multiplier. It is worth noting that you can launch more than 1 ball;
  • Aviatrix – Help the airplane take off by making a bet. You just have to manage to withdraw money before the plane explodes.

Also on the site, you can find other games created by 1win using this name in the filters of casino software providers in the left menu in Casino.

Original games in 1Win Pakistan

Top 5 popular 1win Fast games in Pakistan

Check out the list of the most popular 1win fast games for Pakistani players. All of them got here thanks to a user-friendly interface, exciting stories, and many other features. Take a look at the compiled table below:

Name of the game RTP Volatility Description
Jet X
Jet X



The shuttle flies into space after you place a bet, and you need to cash it out




Launch the plane into the sky and withdraw funds before it flies away




Launch a little astronaut into space and try to withdraw the money in time




Hurry up to withdraw your PKR before the inflating balloon bursts




Find as many tiles without mines as possible and withdraw funds before you step on a mine

How to start playing Quick games?

When you have already decided that you want to access this abundance of games, simply follow the detailed guide below:

  1. Proceed to the home page of the 1win website.
  2. Register or sign in your profile using the appropriate button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. If necessary, top up your balance by clicking Deposit at the top right of the site.
  4. Locate Casino in the top menu of the website.
  5. From the menu on the left, select Quick Games.
  6. Select the game you are interested in.
  7. Study the rules and check how RNG or Provably Fair works.
  8. Begin your rounds.
Start playing fast games on 1Win - instructions


Can I play quick games on 1win for free?

Can I play quick games on 1win for free?

Some games have a demo mode feature that allows you to try out various strategies and tips or just get acquainted with the game without risk. It is worth noting that you cannot win real money in this mode.

Can I make multiple stacks at once in crash games?

Can I make multiple stacks at once in crash games?

You can place more than 1 bet in those games where there are appropriate additional interfaces for multi-bet.

Is it safe to play such games on 1win?

Is it safe to play such games on 1win?

You don’t have to worry about your funds, because all games have a built-in random number generator, and the site itself is licensed by Curacao, which proves legality and fairness.