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Explore the Betgames lobby in 1win for a selection of 15 top games. Gamble live table games, card games, and exciting game shows, all are hosted by skilled live dealers. You can even take part in such exciting games as Andar Bahar, Wheel of Fortune, and Satta Matka.

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Before you start playing some of the most interesting live games on the Pakistani gambling market, you need to take a couple of simple steps. Use the guide below, after which you will be able to play 1win Betgames:

  1. 1. Go to the 1Win website

    Visit the 1Win website

    Access the official website or 1Win mobile app.

  2. 2. Register or log in to your account

    Authorize on the 1Win Pakistan website

    Log in to your existing account or register if you’re a new user.

  3. 3. Top up your balance

    Make a deposit to your 1Win account

    Make your initial deposit and seize the enticing welcome bonus.

  4. 4. Go to Betgames

    Click on the Betgames tab at 1Win Pakistan

    Navigate to the top menu, locate the More tab, and pick Betgames.

  5. 5. Play Betgames

    Choose a game and play at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

    Choose your preferred game and start gambling for real money.

Dice Duel Online in live mode

This game is one of the variants of the popular game Dice, and like all 1win Betgames games, it is played live. Take a look at the main points of this game:

  • Access the Game – Upon entering the Betgames live casino lobby, simply click on the Dice Duel game to join the game. You’ll be transported to a visually captivating studio boasting a sleek user interface;
  • Set Your Bet – Customize your bets by selecting your preferred stake size on the betslip in the bottom right corner. Keep in mind that different types of bets may have varying limits, with payouts reaching an impressive 3,000,000 PKR;
  • Bet Flexibility – The game offers a minimum bet of 44 PKR and a maximum bet of around 146,000 PKR, with a maximum multiplier of 34x;
  • Timing Matters – Place your bets during the 30-second window between rounds. Witness results within seconds of making your bet;
  • Varied Betting Options – Dice Duel Live presents a plethora of betting options across four distinct tabs. The Main Bet focuses on predicting the higher result between the red and blue dice. Other types of bets (Odd/Even, Totals, and Numbers) are conveniently listed in the Payouts tab for easy reference.
Play Dice Duel at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Wheel of Fortune

This is another one of the popular 1win Betgames online games. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Gameplay – The live dealer takes center stage and spins the wheel both counter-clockwise and clockwise. A valid draw requires a minimum of three full spins clockwise. The result is determined by where the arrow lands after the wheel stops turning;
  • Betting Round – There’s one betting round per game, allowing you to bet on all possible outcomes. Place your bets before the draw begins; the round lasts approximately four minutes;
  • Frequent Draws – The excitement never stops, with game draws occurring every five minutes, 24/7;
  • Wheel Structure – The wheel boasts 19 areas numbered from 1 to 18. The 19th area, adorned with a special cup and star symbol, is your jackpot number that offers an enticing 18/1 payout;
  • Colorful Choices – The wheel is divided into three distinct colors: Red, Black, and Grey. To win, your selected number or area must match the draw’s result.
Play Wheel of Fortune at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Betgames War of Bets in 1win

War of Bets is a casino game that can also be found in 1win Betgames lobby. It revolves around a single card on both the player’s and dealer’s sides. Players bet on which card will have a higher value, and in case of a tie (a war), both player and dealer lose. The game features oversized cards for enhanced readability and a live format complete with audio and video options.

Take a look at basic points on how to play this game:

  • Place your bet before the game starts;
  • During gameplay, you can place additional bets when updated odds are available;
  • Second-round bets can be placed after the Player receives the first card, and odds are updated;
  • You’re allowed a maximum of two bet rounds before the game concludes;
  • The goal is to have the higher-ranking card, with Aces as the highest and deuces as the lowest;
  • Bets made in the first round don’t affect subsequent bets;
  • When less than 40 cards remain, a card dealing shoe change occurs;
  • The dealer discards a random number of cards (3 to 6) from the newly presented card dealing shoe.
Play War of Bets at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

1win Betgames Poker online

Bet On Poker game from 1win Betgames online software developer offers an extremely interesting variation of poker similar to Texas Hold’em. The game begins as you place your bets within a specified time frame indicated by the dealer and interface. After betting ends, the dealer deals twelve cards face up in a clockwise fashion, with each position receiving two cards. Subsequently, five community cards are dealt face up.

Your objective is to create the best five-card combination from your player cards and the community cards. In the case of a tie with multiple positions holding the highest-ranking combination, a draw occurs.

The game also has multiple betting rounds:

  • You can bet on various available outcomes throughout the game;
  • The first bet occurs in the initial round;
  • The second bet is placed when pocket cards are dealt;
  • After the flop in the first and second bets, a third bet is allowed following three community cards;
  • A fourth-round bet follows the revelation of the turn card;
  • Finally, the fifth community card is dealt to determine results.
Play Poker at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Classic Wheel game in Pakistan

Betgames presents Classic Wheel, a live betting game that offers generous odds and real-time action with pre-recorded videos of spinning the wheel. The game runs every 2 minutes, which allows players to bet on various outcomes for the upcoming wheel spin.

Bet ranges Include the following bets:

  • Color – Choose from Black, Gray, and Red;
  • Sector – Bet on numbers 1 to 18;
  • Numbers – Opt for ranges like 1-6, 7-12, or 13-18;
  • Under/Over – Place bets on under 9.5 or over 9.5;
  • Even/Odd – Try your luck with even/odd or colored even/odd bets.
Play Classic Wheel at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Football Grid Online for Real Money

Football Grid by Betgames is a game that features a game simulation with two players. They strive for blue and red gates. You can bet on:

  • Main score – Choose whether red or blue will win, or there will be a draw;
  • Player Score – Allows you to predict the score of red or blue from 1 to 6 points;
  • Correct Score – Bet on how many points each team will score;
  • Score Odds – Odd/even and over/under 3.5 goals for each player you can bet on all of this;
  • Total score – Predict over/under or even/odd on the total score.
Play Football Grid at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Betgames Speedy Live

In Speedy 7 by 1win BetGames you challenge a dealer sitting at a table with seven card slots. Your task is to predict the color of the next card drawn, with changing odds based on previous draws.

You have to achieve four correct guesses in a row for a bonus. You can unlock the main table bonus with seven consecutive correct guesses. Also, the 7-in-a-row bonus applies when you start from the game’s first card, while the 4-in-a-row bonus is attainable even mid-game.

Learn more about the rules of the game below:

  • In Speedy 7 you have a choice between red or black only;
  • Odds shift dynamically with each draw, influenced by the cards already revealed;
  • A standard deck of 52 cards means 26 black and 26 red cards;
  • You may increase your chances by anticipating the opposite color when a series of one color appears;
  • A chance to win the jackpot awaits if the dealer draws a Royal Flush or Straight Flush;
  • To qualify for the jackpot, bet on all seven cards starting from the first.
Play Speedy Live at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Baccarat Card Game with live dealer

This variation follows the classic casino game, Punto Banco, with live dealers and expanded betting options. There are two sides: the player and the banker, aiming to reach a card total as close to 9 as possible. Check out the gameplay:

  • The dealer starts by dealing the first card face-up to the player, followed by the banker’s first card;
  • First-round bets are placed before the first card is dealt;
  • Second-round bets follow the player’s first card and allow 22 seconds for additional bets;
  • Third-round bets are made after the banker receives the first card;
  • Three main bets are available: Player, Banker, and Tie;
  • There are side bets available, like Player Pair and Banker Pair;
  • Explore various betting options related to color, suit, and even/odd.
Play Baccarat at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Play 1win Betgames Andar Bahar

In the captivating Andar Bahar by Betgames, the game unfolds with the dealer revealing the first card. Then, players predict whether the Joker card’s face value will appear in the Andar or Bahar zones.

The Joker card’s color determines the next card’s zone. If the Joker is black, the next card goes to Andar. If the Joker is red, the next card heads to Bahar.

Check out some info about the gameplay:

  • The Joker initiates the game, placed face-up;
  • The second card appears when the turn sequence is established;
  • If the second card goes to Andar, the third card proceeds to Bahar;
  • The game continues, dealing cards one by one to both zones;
  • The round ends when either Andar or Bahar matches the Joker card’s value.
Play Andar Bahar at Betgames 1Win Pakistan

Satta Matka Online in Pakistan

Satta Matka is an adaptation of the popular Indian lottery game made by 1win Betgames. With a deck of 40 cards and simplified card values, it offers high-frequency gameplay, starting a new game every minute. The game begins by dealing three cards, arranging them in ascending order, with 0 considered higher than 9.

The outcome consists of a 3-digit Pana and a single-digit Ank, which is calculated from the sum of the Pana digits.

Play Satta Matka at Betgames 1Win Pakistan


Are all games played with live dealers?

Are all games played with live dealers?

Yes, most games have a professional live dealer, the exceptions being games like Football Grid or Classic Wheel.

Can I get any bonuses for playing in the Betgames lobby?

Can I get any bonuses for playing in the Betgames lobby?

Yes, at the top of the site, there is a Promotions and Bonuses category, where you can find various rewards, including a sign-up gift of 500% for the initial 4 top-ups.