1win AML Policy in Pakistan

The Pakistani government strictly monitors bookie’s compliance with all necessary rules and regulations. Therefore, 1win is one of the few companies that successfully operates in the territory of this state. In addition, the bookmaker successfully copes with all international tasks in the field of combating money laundering, fraud, and other crimes that are possible in this industry.

One of the main goals of 1win Pakistan is to provide reliable and comfortable conditions for all bettors. However, the company’s own safety is no less important. To achieve these goals, the bookie uses effective tools and also conducts information work with all users. Moreover, the organization often cooperates with local and international law enforcement agencies to report suspicious situations and restore order.

Anti-money laundering policy of 1Win Pakistan

Plurality of definitions

The concept of money laundering includes many definitions, which is why the fight against this phenomenon has become multidisciplinary and requires more effort. Among the main definitions are the following:

  • Concealing information about the real origin of funds used when making monetary transactions on the site or in the 1Win mobile app;
  • Transfer, receipt, possession, or use of funds that were obtained as a result of illegal activities;
  • Using illegal money to finance terrorism or provide assistance to third parties;
  • Receiving money illegally on the territory of another state.
Combating money laundering in 1Win Pakistan

Bettor obligations

Users may create an account with 1win Pakistan only for the purposes specified in the terms and conditions. Therefore, by registering an account on the official website or application, the player confirms that they will comply with these rules. Otherwise, they must leave the bookie resources. The main obligations of users include the following:

  • The user agrees to comply with all anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws;
  • The bettor confirms that they do not know or suspect that the funds used for making a deposit and other transactions could have been obtained from illegal sources;
  • At the request of company employees, the user undertakes to provide all necessary documents that confirm their identity.
Commitment of Pakistani 1Win players

Rights of 1win

Based on general anti-money laundering rules and policies, 1win Pakistan employees are authorized to:

  • Store the personal data of players for a certain period of time in the archive;
  • Monitor suspicious transactions and conduct internal investigations;
  • Refuse a Pakistani player to complete a transaction if there are suspicions of money laundering or other financial crimes;
  • Contact legislative and judicial bodies to conduct an investigation;
  • Block a user’s account if they violate the terms of the policy;
  • Check players against the list of persons suspected of financing terrorism.
Rights of Pakistani 1Win players

Verification process

As stated in the policy, 1win Pakistan employees may verify the user’s identity at any time. To complete verification, the user must provide the following information:

  • A photo of the identification document;
  • Bank statement or paid utility bill;
  • Selfie with an identity document.

It is important that any photographs are of good quality, and that the name on the documents matches the one indicated during registration.

Account Verification in 1Win Pakistan